Electoral Violence Potential Assessment Report in 2017

March 31, 2017

Objectives of this evaluation report is to measure out conflict potential change compare to national election in the past and suku election on 2016 than produce recommendations to relevant institutions in order to responds its challenges in the future. In other hand, to identify areas more vulnerable for conflict on presidential and parlamentA?r election in 2017, so that Belun and other stakeholders take actions on prevention conflict in appropriate manner.

Base on analysis result showed that some municipals and administrative posts has computability and strong indicator for conflict. On the municipals level such as Baukau, Dili and Vikeke.

The administrative post level risk of conflict potential: firstly were Baukau Vila and Dom Aleixo, second were Cristo Rei, Uatulari, Aileu Vila, Laga and Bazartete, third were Ermera Vila, Lospalos, Ossu, Vikeke Vila, Vemasse, Lautein, Vera Cruz, Tilomar, Maliana, Letefoho, Metinaro, Remnexio, and Hatulia. To read full report please click here.