Women Peace and Security Program

Overall Objective: Women’s groups and community-based organizations in Baucau, Covalima and Oecusse have capacity to inform conflict prevention and peace building processes.

The Women Peace and Security (WPS) program focuses on conflict prevention and peace building process at a community level.

The program works closely with the following primary groups of beneficiaries:

• Individual national gender advocates
• Women leaders, including those from aldeias, sukus, municipalities, and National Parliament
• Women’s groups comprised of individuals conducting specific livelihood activities, e.g. women’s horticulture or craft groups
• Women-led community based organisations, including women’s conflict prevention organisations within Forum Peduli Wanita (Oecusse), Uma Dame (Baucau) and Centru Comunidade Covalima (Covalima)
• Conflict Prevention and Response Networks in administrative posts.

The program aims to achieve its goal through eleven Activities:

1. Baseline survey and mapping of village-level conflict prevention and peacebuilding
2. Training on dialogue, negotiation, and mediation skills for women’s organisations, mediators and CSO security networks to gain skills in conflict analysis and dispute resolution
3. Quarterly meetings between women’s organisations, the Conflict Prevention and Response Network and Feto Mediators to enhance gender-sensitive mediation and conflict resolution
4. Conduct training for women’s organisations to use Belun’s Early Warning Early Response (EWER) system to develop capabilities in conflict data analysis and improve effectiveness of the early warning system
5. Facilitate women’s groups to produce and present documentation on conflict prevention experiences
6. Map economic opportunities in collaboration with women-led community-based organisations
7. Conduct training on micro-finance and other livelihood opportunities as identified in participatory mapping activity
8. Link women-led community-based organizations with livelihood opportunities by facilitating meetings between stakeholders
9. Data collection through the EWER system to monitor violent incidents in Baucau, Covalima and Oecusse to dis-aggregate gender-related issues and identify women’s involvement in conflict violence, prevention and resolution
10. Training for women’s groups and CBOs on how to design, implement and monitor peace activities and their results within villages
11. Provision of small grants to women’s groups and CBOs to design, implement and monitor local peace building efforts.


EWER Alerts, Situation Reviews and Belun’s EWER data published online

All EWER publications are disseminated through the WPS Municipals Coordinators to Conflict Prevention and Response Networks (CPRNs) in 10 Administrative posts. The Women Peace and Security work closely with the CPRNs as a means to increase community capacity for conflict prevention.

Key stakeholders: NGO Ba Futuru, Acbit, Minister of Interior, including the National Directorate for Community Conflict Prevention, the Ministry for Social Solidarity, the PNTL, the F-FDTL, administrative-level Conflict Prevention and Response Networks, local government, community leaders, civil society groups, women’s groups, community-based organisations and women’s advocates.

Geographic coverage: The Women Peace and Security program is operates in 3 Municipals and 10 Administrative Posts:

Key events:

  1. Administrative posts CPRN trimester meetings facilitated by Municipal Coordinators
  2. Training on Conflict Transformation and gender sensitive
  3. EWER data presentations for women’s organisations

Program Contact: Maria Marilia Ximenes Castro de Oliveira da Costa (bylah.belun@gmail.com)

Program Timeframe: November 2017-February 2020

Funding for this project from Japan Government through UN Women