Suku Election Violence Report 2016

March 27, 2017

Based on decree law No 9/2016, the government has authorized local authority to lead and implement local election, not STAE or CNE as previous local election in 2009. Local leaders as village chief led the implementation of local election at 442 villages in Timor Leste. According to Early Warning and Early Response (EWER) system, there were 59 incidents related to local election (35 incidents on the first round and 24 incidents on the second round) including 27 psychical violence and 32 verbal violence. The fundamental causes of incidents on the first round were: confusion about process, lack of preparation, suspicion of regularity, rejection of losing result and involvement of political party. Administrative posts recorded with highest incidents are Baukau, Aileu, Dom Aleixo, Tilomar, Bazartete, Maliana and Letefoho. To read full report please go to link below;

Suku Election Violence Report 2016.