Succes History

Belun have supported by UK during 10 months (Junhu 2012 a�� March 2013) with mediation and resolution for land dispute programmed (MRD). Belun have facilitate to disputes with total number 542 based on the disputes list from DNTPSC. Disputes 542 have classification such as : solved 83, court 220, disputes 239 still on going to facilitated to get the solution.

Methods to facilitate through 3 ways, such as: 1). facilitated through families has been supported by a team of Mediation Program as an observer. 2). Facilitate through village councils have been supported by a team of mediation Programs and 3). Team facilitate the process.

From 542 disputes, the mediation team has facilitated dispute to get the solutions that have been solved or 166 disputant through ways : 1) 62 disputes or 122 disputant (Dili District total 57 cases or 114 disputant and Manatuto District 5 cases or 10 disputant), 2) Families total 19 (Dili District total 12 cases or 24 disputant and Manatuto district 7 cases or 14 disputant ), 3). Through village councils total 2 cases or disputants 4 in Dili District.

Based on the above graph shows that during 10-months with the total of 83 dispute who had signed the agreement letter and has settle the correct information in the system database with categories such as: i) the division of land 6 or 8% of cases, ii). Granting of land to the people who stay on that land 76 or 92% of cases and iii). Granting of land to child 1 or 2% of cases.