Policy Brief 10: Conflict Transformation in Timor Leste: Casestudy on CPRN

March 24, 2015

Conflict Prevention and Response Network (CPRN) emerges as a local alternative in preventing and transforming conflicts within rural and urban communities in Timor-Leste. Through active engagement of local peace actors (traditional leaders, veterans, youth groups, etc.), CPRN has successfully implemented more than 100 peace actions plans across 13 districts since 2009, responding to conflict dynamics and contributing to the reduction of conflict trends and strengthening social cohesion.

This research report highlights the role of CPRNs as local peace actors in conflict transformation and peace building processes across the country and identifies some of the challenges being faced. As DAME Network Capacity Assessment (NCA) results showed that out of 43 CPRNs, 22 CPRNs (representing 51%) have the minimum capacity required to bring the network forward on their own. Only 4 CPRNs (9%) out of 43 CPRNs did not show significant progress in their capacity to manage the network.

This research in the end outlines some key recommendations to key partners to take necessary actions in the future to help building and strengthening the capacity of the community members in the CPRN to engage actively in the conflict transformation and peace strengthening process as community peace actors in the future. CPRNs know the community situation better and can respond to conflict trends in appropriate ways. Therefore, strengthened investment in capacity building with more specific targets and working closely with the community with strong communication and mutual trust in every responsive activity would help networks to become stronger in the future.

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Policy Brief 10