EWER: Situation Review May 2016

May 27, 2016

In May, Belun’s Early Warning, Early Response (EWER) system continued monitoring for violent incidents and changes to the security situation across Timor-Leste. EWER monitoring recorded 123 incidents, 14 of which could be linked to celebrations to mark the Restoration of Independence on May 20th, including one that resulted in the death of a young man in Covalima. In another notable incident on 20 May in Lautein Municipality, the police arrested 12 members of the Uniaun Juventude Maubere group at a flag-raising ceremony that the police considered to be illegal. On 13 May, a serious incident occurred between members of the PNTL’s special unit and an F-FDTL soldier in civilian dress, which initially provoked tension between the institutions but is now being investigated jointly. Unusually high incident totals were also recorded in Lautein and Vikeké Municipalities. For more details and a statistical breakdown of all incidents recorded in May, please read the full situation review.