EWER Situation Review June to Jully 2019

October 29, 2019

During period June-July 2019 ex-MAG members are still involved in violent acts, even if the number of incidents decreased 6% during period June-July 2019 compared with period of April-May. These ex-MAG members continue to make trouble in 16 separate incidents during this period. From these 16 cases, 3 occurred in Baukau, 8 in Dili and 5 in Covalima. In the meantime, in RAEOA no incident of Ex. MAG was reported.  The mentioned incidents show that ex-MAG members are still continuing to make trouble in 3 municipalities although the government has already banned them. Even if the recorded numbers are not high; they have a strong impact for communities. For example, children cannot go to school, people cannot go to the market and same place are unsecured, because ex-MAGs members target that place and they assault each other because of revenge. Read the full Situation Review for June to Jully 2019 here