EWER Situation Review February to March 2020

July 15, 2020


Early Warning and Response System, with support from the German International Cooperation GIZ, Belun continued to collect data related to the period of February-March 2020 in Baukau, Dili, Lauteín and Vikeké. Covalima Municipality was funding support from UNDP-SGP. Likewise, Likisá was financed by the Secretariat g7+. The total of incidents for this period is 166. The highest percentage goes to Baukau with 33%, followed by Dili with 31%, Likisá with 13%, Covalima and Vikeké at 10%, while Lautein holds the lowest at 2%.

From the point of view of the gender of the perpetrators, males were involved in 145 cases while females were involved in 9 cases.  In 9 incidents both males and females were involved, while in 3 cases perpetrators are unknown. Concerning social status, 47 were farmers and animal owners; family members who live in other houses were 47, whereas family members who live in the same house were 39. Neighbours were involved in 32 cases, and ex-members of martial arts groups in 2 cases. Unemployed people were engaged in 18 cases, while students were 15, while in 9 cases of perpetrators are unknown. In smaller numbers, 2 teachers or professors were involved and 1 belonged to the ranks of PNTL, 1 government official and 1 FDTL member. The status of 54 perpetrators does not fit any categorisation used in this report, while 7 are unknown Victims in all these incidents numbered 99 males, 49 females, 16 males and females, and unknown in 2 cases. Read the full Situation Review for June to Jully 2019 here