EWER Situation Review December 2019 to January 2020

June 1, 2020

With the support of the German Cooperation, Belun has continued to collect data in Baucau, Dili, in the period of Dec 2019 to Jan 2020, adding to its coverage of the Municipal of Lautein and Vikéke. Total of the violent incidents were 105, of which the biggest percentage happened in Dili, at 44%, followed by Baucau at 34%, Vikéke at 13%, and Lautein at 9% of the cases.

Perpetrators were 94 men and 4 women. In 2 cases both men and women were involved. In five cases, perpetrators are unknown.  By social position, 26 perpetrators were family members living at the same house; unemployed people were 18; students were 17. Farmers or pastoralists were 14, while in 12 cases the perpetrators were family members who lived at different homes. In 8 cases perpetrators were former members of martial arts, while 4 were unknown. In 5 cases, the perpetrators were for each case, a member of F-FDTL, a member of the suku council, a government official, a member of the PNTL and a neighbour. In other social positions not covered by the above-mentioned categories or unknown, there are 29 perpetrators. Read the full Situation Review for June to Jully 2019 here