EWER: Situation Review February to March 2018

May 7, 2018

Belun through its EWER system recorded 181 incidents and 13% (24) violent incidents involved students. The number of incidents by students is double the average when compared with in 2016 which had an average of 5.9 per month[i]. The majority of these incidents involving students occurred because of issues outside of school; problems outside the school amongst students and fighting occurring in school; relationships involving boyfriends and girlfriends and some incidents during school time were due to students being involved in former Martial Arts Groups. A small number of incidents happened in the process of study. Of these incidents, the highest number were in the municipality of Baukau 8, Dili 5, Emera 4, Vikeke 3 and one incident in each municipality of Ainaru, Bobonaru, Covalima and Oekusi. The 16 instances of violence that happened within schools were in the municipality of Baucau 6, Dili 5, Vikeke 3 and 1 in Ainaru and 1 in Oekusi. For more information please read the Full Situation Review.