EWER Situation Review August to September 2018

December 21, 2018

The Early Warning Early Response system (EWER) has been developed over the past 10 years to monitor the frequency, trends and causes of violent incidents across Timor-Leste. The system uses a network of local monitors to gather data about incidents of violence. The monitors are trained and the data is reviewed and collated by Municipal Coordinators. This data forms the basis of the EWER reports.

In September – November 2017, Belun’s Early Warning, Early Response system (EWER) monitored only Dili Municipality and the special administrative region of Oekusi in 10 Administrative Posts with 10 volunteer monitors. From December 2017 onwards, EWER covered 9 municipals in 31 administrative posts with 31 volunteer monitors. The EWER system is different than last year this was caused by less funds from August 2017. Prior to August 2017 EWER covered 12 municipals including the special administrative region of Oekusi in 43 administrative posts with 86 volunteer monitors.


  • Total of 37 Domestic Violence recorded in August-September
  • 13 violent incidents caused by hate revenge between the former martial arts group members;
  • Violence against women with disabilities in 1 incident;
  • PNTL officers beat a girl with her mother and a F-FDTL member’s physical aggression against his wife resulted in death.
  • Number of violent incidents increased in RAEOA August-September 2018.

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