EWER Situation Review April to May 2019

July 24, 2019

Belun gathered incidents of violence data with its EWER system for period April-May 2019. The number of incidents was 158 cases and it showed a 20% increase compared to 96 cases for period February-March 2019. The increase for this period is due to the reactivation of the EWER system in the Municipality of Dili.

From total number of incidents, 32% occurred in Baukau, 30% in Dili, 25% in RAEOA and 13% in Covalima. From these 158 incidents 123 involved men, 16 involved women, and 10 involved both men and women as perpetrators and in 9 cases the perpetrators were unknown. In 60 incidents the perpetrators were family members, in 42 were neighbors, in 42 incidents involved farms and animals, 39 involved family members living separated, 22 involved students, and 20 involved ex-MAG members, 15 involved unemployed people, 3 incidents involved PNTL members, 1 involved veterans, 3 involved government officials, 1 involved a foreigner and 4 perpetrators were unknown. The victims in 75 incidents were men, in 48 incidents were women, and in 31 incidents were both men and women. There were 4 incidents where the victims were unknown (in the case of destruction of goods and property). The violent incidents showed and increased trend during the monitoring period. The type of violence including GBV and encompassed domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, revenge and hatred, and past issues. In some incidents both the victims and perpetrators were intoxicated, others were fights between ex-MAG members, accusations of witchcraft and magic, defamation, cultural issues (fetosa-umane), and problems related with animals. There were also incidents related with politics, etc. . Read the full Situation Review for February to March 2019 here