EWER Situation Review October to November 2019

June 1, 2020

For the period of October-November 2019 Belun’s EWER system have collected general data of violent incidents with total number of 102 cases. This number of incidents decreased by 13% compared to the period of August-September 2019 where the total number of incidents was 132. The breakdown of these incidents shows that 54% occurred in Baucau, 24% in RAEOA, 20% in Covalima and 3% in Dili. However, it does not mean the number of incidents in Dili is decreased because monitoring in Dili was reactivated in the middle of November 2019. Of the 102 incidents 85 perpetrators were male, 9 female, 6 Male and Female and 2 unknown.

Of the 102 incidents 26 suspected perpetrators were farmers, 32 cases involved family conflicts (13 cases occurred between separated family members and 19 cases between family members living in same house hold), 16 cases were neighbourhood conflicts, 9 ex-MAG members, 4 by unemployed people, 1 case involved a suku council member, 1 involved a veteran, 1 cases involved a government official and 32 cases were not defined by category in the database. The victims of 47 cases were men, of 38 cases were women and of 15 cases both men and women were victims and there were 2 cases where the victims were unknown. Read the full Situation Review for June to Jully 2019 here