EWER Alert: 107 Violence Incidents and Electoral Crimes Recorded before the Parliamentary Elections 2018

July 16, 2018

Based on Belun’s monitoring through its Early Warning, Early Response (EWER) System showed violent
incidents and electoral crimes during the 2018 consolidation and parliamentary election campaign. While
the majority of the early parliamentary election political party campaign proceeded without serious issues.
The people of Timor-Leste have demonstrated that they now have political maturity. However EWER
recorded 107 electoral crimes and violent incidents. 84 electoral crimes or irregularities and 20 violent
incidents. From 107 electoral crimes and violent incidents 10 occurred during consolidation period and 97
occurred during the political parties’ campaign.
Of the 84 electoral crimes or irregularities the majority were; political party campaigns not following the
campaign calendar as determined by National Commission of election (CNE), inflammatory speech from
political leaders, buying votes through various gifts to communities, campaigns involving children under
aged, obstruction to another political party supporters by threatening and the use of government resources
during political campaign. Details about the characteristics of all recorded incidents can be found in the Full Alert.