Access to Justice Clinics Under the Justice System Program

Octrober 2017 – November 2018
Contact Person: Izalde Pinto, Program Manager at or +670 77312184

Access to Justice Clinics under the Justice System Programme (AJCs), Belun is partnering with Public Defendersai??i?? Office (PDO) and support funding by UNDP. The objectives of this project are public information awareness to educate the community members about the current and proposed land laws and the options that they have to resolve their private disputes, train local authority members and suitable people representative from those administrative posts in dispute resolution and the mediation process, and provide mediation services for disputants in the targeted administrative post while being flexible in incorporating matters from other administrative posts that require urgent intervention.

To achieve these objectives Belun is working in areas such

  1. Referral services,
  2. Land dispute mediation,
  3. Creation of an M&E framework for the AJCs for ADR/mediation in consultation with UNDP and the PDO,
  4. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) training to local authorities, and (e) participation in community outreach of the AJCs for ADR/mediation, and in the development and implementation of the paralegal program. This project mainly focusing in two judicial districts they are Baucau and Suai.